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Are you a translator?

We believe that every language is unique and humor sounds different, if you can translate our articles or comics into your own language, then write to us please.

Then you can write articles for our blog. Send us examples of your funny articles about Salsa Valley or Salsa Token 🌶️! If we like your material, we will post it on our website, create a personal author’s page for you and offer cooperation on an ongoing basis. Thousands of readers will know about you as a cool author and who will become your followers or customers.

Do you have your own website? Do you write articles for your blog?

Great! Write a funny or serious one about Salsa Valley or Salsa Token. Post the one or several links in the text to any of our websites. If your article is useful, we will make a mention of it in our blog and thousands of new readers will learn about your website!

Do you make funny videos or serious reviews about cryptocurrencies?

Create a video clip about the Salsa token and send us a link to it. If this video is useful or fan-friendly enough, then we will post it on our website and thousands of meme fans and cryptoinvestors from all over the world will know about your YouTube channel!

Are you a cartoonist or animator? Do you draw comics or memes?

Send us your works, we will definitely publish the brightest works!

We get a lot of articles and videos and make sure to read and watch everything. If your material is worthy, then we will definitely respond! Don’t worry and don’t send the material twice!

Tag our account in your posts. And, if possible, we will be mutual and grateful.

Do you have followers on Twitter or Telegram?

Share any post from our accounts. And, if possible, we will be mutual and grateful.

If you have made actions but have not received a return mention, then don’t worry! By making Salsa Valley famous, you are guaranteed to increase the popularity of the Salsa Token and with a few Salsa tokens in your wallet, you will become even richer.

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