Capitalization of BRC-20 tokens reached $650 million

The total capitalization of bitcoin-based tokens of the BRC-20 standard is about $650 million. In the developing segment, the ORDI meme token leads, with an aggregate market value exceeding $400 million.

At the highs, the figures exceeded $1 billion and $600 million, respectively.

The daily trading volume of BRC-20 tokens crossed the $200 million mark. 97% of it is concentrated in ORDI. At the beginning of April, the asset was valued at $0.1 versus the current $19.3, increasing initial holdings by 192 times.

ORDI is listed on BKEX and

Screenshot from BRC-20.IO

Meme tokens make up the majority of BRC-20 tokens based on the acclaimed Ordinals project.

Projects PEPE, MEME, PIZA and BANK, which are noticeably inferior to the leader, also form the top of the ranking in terms of capitalization.

Screenshot from BRC-20.IO

The system uses satoshi numbering (serialization) to record data in the “witness” part of the bitcoin transaction.

The excitement around BRC-20 tokens contributed to the jump in average fees on the bitcoin network to July 2021 levels ($7).

According to journalist Colin Wu, former Bitcoin SV developers from China play a significant role in the development of the segment. Following the launch of Ordswap, focused on trading BRC-20 CEX tokens, the team introduced its DEX counterpart called RelayX.

Ordinals Wallet was launched by the creators of Twetch on Bitcoin SV, and the most popular Unisat solution was launched by developers associated with Sensible Contract (the SDK for smart contracts on that network).

Recall that the PEPE token grew tenfold in April, turning some coin holders into millionaires.

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