Crypto Auction at NFT Gallery “JGN” Sells Tomato Art for $ 1 Million

This could be the name of the news about the unique sale of works from artists of the crypto valley.

Initially, Sheriff Tomato of Salsa Valley estimated the sale of his NFT painting “Sheriff in the Valley” at 40 BNB.

A major auction house-gallery “JGN” has not yet completed its auction using cryptocurrency, offering buyers this unique painting “Sheriff in the Valley”

According to the auction rules, Salsa Valley will sell the artwork for the amount offered by the bidders, but not less than 50 BNB.

Don Jalapeño announced on Twitter that hundreds of crypto enthusiasts and meme art fans will participate in the auction. A Salsa Valley representative stressed that this sale marks the first time that the BNB cryptocurrency will be accepted as a payment method for artwork from Salsa Valley artists.

According to the auction lot page, bidders will be able to pay for the purchase of the main cryptocurrency of the Balance Smart Chain – BNB, thanks to the partnership of SV Factory and Sheriff Tomato.

“The funds must be debited from an approved Metamask / Binance Wallet / Trust Wallet, which can be sent to, for example, from the exchange: Binance, Huobi, MXC or Gate,” the gallery noted.

Recently, we wrote that Salsa Valley is conducting an unprecedented airdrop: when buying NFT-asset before July 19, 2021, all buyers will receive a gift of some Salsa Tokens in the equivalent of the purchase amount.

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