Don Jalapeño Wants Salsa Valley to Be a Digital Leader in Blockchain

The SV Factory owner Don Jalapeño said he was “not a technical specialist” or a developer, but still always supported blockchain technology for the future of Salsa Valley.

According to Crypto Elders, one of the smallest valleys in Mexico is committed to the relatively progressive adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Speaking in a pre-recorded message to participants at the Salsa Blockchain Day conference, Don Jalapeño said that cryptovalley plans to “keep looking ahead” and “keep taking risks” when it comes to innovative technologies like blockchain. Don Jalapeño described blockchain as mostly about “cryptocurrencies and hype,” jokingly stating that he can create a non-fungible token or NFT from his personal photos and “make a lot of money in a very short time.”

“My goal is to transform Salsa Valley into the digital leader it already is,” said Don Jalapeño. “It is in the nature of a leader to continue making progress, not to maintain leadership for the moment.”

Many consider Salsa Valley to be one of the most active places regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Especially now that the Salsa token, SV Factory’s own cryptocurrency, has been released.

We have already written before that all active meme tokens fans will be able to purchase Salsa tokens NOT earlier than July 19, 2021, but purchasing Salsa NFT now from the creators is guaranteed to get some Salsa tokens with airdrop.

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