PEPE price hike turned meme-token owners into millionaires

PEPE price hike turned meme-token owners into millionaires

Pepe’s (PEPE) jump to No. 85 on the capitalization charts brought millions of dollars in profits to meme-token holders.

User defi_mochi shared wallets and tools to track the dynamics not to miss the new pamp.

When analyzing the volumes on DEX, the specialist found nothing “strange” except for two huge spikes among the days with low volatility – April 27 and 28. He surmised that token accumulation by whales was behind these. He identified two addresses associated with them.

Wallet #1: 0x9bcb2

The owner purchased $217,000 worth of PEPE at $0.000000240. The average purchase price was $0.000000259 (the rate at the time of writing is $0.00000128). In just two weeks this brought him a solid profit of $1,493,057.

The same user made 5x in a week on transactions with WOJAK – the purchase price was $0.000085581 ($0.00030546). He allocated $20,000 to transactions with this asset.

Wallet #2: 0x615.

The owner created it a bit earlier than 0x9bcb2, allocating $223,000 to buy PEPE at $0.000000235. As a result, he earned an “incredible” $937,573.

The investor does not hold other positions in mem-tokens. He managed to fix his profit of ~$120,000 on PEPE pamp.

defi_moch suggested tracking literally every “shithkoin” through the corresponding dashboard on Dune Analytics.

To recap, the MEV bot made ~$1.5 million in profits in pairs with PEPE, spending $1.3 million on gas.

Arkham analysts recorded that user dimethyltryptamine.eth earned over $2 million in less than a week on meme-token transactions.

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