The Guacamole Shaman says that the cryptocurrency in Salsa Valley has weak fundamentals and is not a real asset

The Guacamole Shaman expects sharper price swings for classic cryptocurrencies as the market loses many billions of dollars a week.

The Guacamole Shaman rejected the value of offering classic cryptocurrencies as investment assets in the Salsa Valley.

In an interview with SV News, The Guacamole Shaman noted that the classic cryptocurrency should not be considered as a real investment. “When you find it difficult to understand what the real fundamentals of investing are, then what you are doing is not a real investment,” the Guacamole shaman argued, adding: “A classic cryptocurrency is an asset with very weak fundamentals, and it will be subjected to a lot of volatility.”

According to him, the current market decline is not different from the sharp surge recorded in early 2021.

Earlier, Don Jalapeño said that in July there will be a new cryptocurrency – Salsa Token, which will change the attitude of investors from Salsa Valley to cryptocurrency.

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