The famous Mexican sauce manufacturer “SV Factory” opens an exhibition for the residents of the Salsa Valley in the NFT gallery

Salsa Valley crypto enthusiasts may soon have an indispensable token platform that will help them better control their creative work.

The largest sauce producer in the Crypto Valley has announced the opening of an exhibition of works by local artists in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT) for crypto enthusiasts from all over the Valley and beyond.

According to a report by the Guacamole shaman, the planned NFT expo will allow meme and cryptocurrency lovers in Salsa Valley to get more out of their efforts in the blockchain industry.

The planned Salsa NFT exhibition for Salsa Valley residents is a further extension of the partnership between SV Factory and the founders of the JGN Gallery. Commenting on the plans for the NFT exhibition, Don Jalapeño:

«Not everyone wants to understand how blockchain technology works, some just want to get content; they know they have this NFT, so we try to make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible in the Salsa Valley creative space».

According to Don Jalapeño, the planned NFT exhibition for crypto enthusiasts will be open from May 2021. The SV Factory owner said he encouraged his colleagues to participate in the NFT.

The upcoming NFT Salsa exhibition in the form of memes is another example of the ongoing expansion of the Salsa Token in cryptovalley. The Mexican hot sauce company settled in Salsa Valley back in April 2021 and announced plans to create a Salsa Token in May 2021.

It is reported that the owners of Salsa NFT, who bought the works before July 19, 2021, will receive some Salsa Tokens by airdrop. Click airdrop for more information

Crypto enthusiasts and Salsa Valley meme lovers continue to delve deeper into NFT, releasing and buying digital collections using their personal or creative brand identity.

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