The premiere of the first episode of "Salsa Valley Stories"

The premiere of the first episode of “Salsa Valley Stories” What do the cartoon characters think about this?

On June 25 Salsa Valley TV hosted the long-awaited premiere of the first episode of “Salsa Valley Stories,” an animated series about the everyday life of Mexican cryptovalley and its famous residents: Elon X, Don CZ, DOGE and others. 

Salsa Valley Stories – Season 1| Episode 1

What do the characters themselves write about the cartoon? 

Elon X – “Yeah, well, a catapult isn’t exactly the best way to get DOGE to the moon, either. Still looking… I want to tell the haters that DOGE didn’t get hurt and that I’ve decided to let him live at my place.”

Don CZ – “There are so many interesting happenings in our cryptovalley that all crypto-enthusiasts from all over the world will aim to become our residents. Buying salsa sauce before it’s gone.”

DOGE – “WAW WAW” Which means – “The catapult seat was too hard, I want a soft one next time.”

Well, we are waiting for the critics and new releases, and a reminder that until July 19 everyone who buys a Salsa NFT will receive a bonus Salsa tokens. Airdrop details

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