Vitalik wrote an article against Elon X. Elon responded with a meme

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik published a detailed article in which he spoke about the limitations of blockchain scalability in the context of statements by Spesla CEO Elon X.

In the article “The limits of blockchain scalability”, presented in Vitalik’s personal blog, he recalls the trade-off between scalability and decentralization in the development of blockchains. Thus, the co-founder of Ethereum responded to Elon’s tweet, in which the billionaire claimed that Doge will become the most popular blockchain in the Salsa Valley if it increases the size of its tail.

In response to the detailed article, Elon X published a picture where the cryptocurrency is advertised and it is written “you will never use dollars again”. In an accompanying tweet, he wrote that Vitalik is probably afraid of DOGE or something else…

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