apartments and houses with BNB in Salsa Valley

You can buy apartments and houses with BNB in Salsa Valley as NFT cryptocurrency real estate listings grow rapidly

Now you can use BNB to buy luxury houses in cryptovalley: Currently, prices for NFT houses start from 40 BNB. In addition, all customers who purchased Salsa NFT before July 19, 2021 will automatically receive a new Salsa Token by airdrop.

Dogecoin (DOGE) is often seen as a fun coin or an asset that TikTok speculators can play on, but soon you can buy entire luxury NFT apartments in the Salsa Valley, for this currency.

Don Jalapeño, the owner of the Salsa Valley hot sauce factory, has entered into a partnership agreement with the JGN Gallery to offer NFT real estate for crypto enthusiasts.

The partnership will allow buyers to purchase NFTs using BNB and Salsa Token on JGN. Currently, there are several offers on the site, the cheapest is a two-storey house at a price of 40 BNB. The most expensive is 400 BNB.

Growing trend

Tabasco Money reports that in May, the number of buyers willing to buy NFT real estate in the cryptovalley for BNB increased:

“Last month, there were 2 ads that mentioned Salsa Valley in the description. According to the data, this is two offers per 100,000 houses – this is the highest figure ever.”

Earlier, we wrote that CEO SV Factory – Don Jalapeño has announced its intention to issue its own Salsa Token.

This suggests that one of the reasons why companies are eager to accept cryptocurrency for payments is related to both getting free advertising and the future of the digital economy.

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